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We plan and create today so that we can live and thrive in the future. Enhancing the communities we build in with eco-friendly homes and renewable energy infrastructure are just some of the ways we plan for future generations.

Legacy 1.0

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About Legacy 1.0

Legacy 1.0 is a development in the Musselman Lake area off of Ninth Line. We acknowledge that this land, as part of the Town of Stouffville, is the treaty territory of the Williams Treaty First Nations. It is also the traditional territory of other Anishinaabeg peoples, the Wendat, and the Haudenosaunee.

Legacy 1.0 is in the final plan of subdivision. The subdivision will include 11 new eco homes of modest size (1600 - 2900 sq/ft), a new road with a traffic circle ("New Coultice Drive"), and a private park for residents with historical deeded access. We are delighted to share that Eco Lake Homes and our Founder, James Spratley, have donated a 3/4 acre lot for a major community project to build a facility (the "Community Hub") that will serve the public with a general store, a bistro restaurant, and bakery. We are donating a community centre and parkette for the entire community to enjoy as part of this facility as well. A few affordable apartments will be made available within this building to serve as additional housing to support the needs of individuals during our country's housing crisis.

Along with many amazing features of Legacy 1.0, one that we are the most proud of is that the Community Hub will include
EV chargers at affordable rates, the first within the Musselman Lake community, to promote the conversion of fossil fuel transport to electric vehicles.
Below we share some wonderful features of Legacy 1.0. 

Legacy 1.0
Features and Benefits:

  • New Coultice Drive will have all solar powered street lighting.

    • With renewable energy infrastructure, we eliminate the need for City involvement and maintenance, allowing our tax dollars to be allocated where they're needed most.​

  • New Coultice Drive will have a proper traffic circle at the end of the street.

    • This will allow emergency vehicles and residents to easily access and exit the street.

  • Two EV charging stations for electric vehicles at affordable rates. 

    • The first EV charging stations in the Musselman Lake area to help promote the conversion from fossil fuel to electric vehicles.

  • Block 14 will include a First Nations reflection and butterfly parkette. 

    • The First Nations reflection parkette will feature artwork by local First Nations artists that will showcase their values and deep rooted connections with the land. We hope that this will help educate and inspire those who visit the parkette to be more aware and learn about ​the history of the land we stand on as part of everyones responsibility for Reconciliation.

    • Due to the gradual disappearance and endangerment of some butterfly species, a canoe garden will be added to attract butterflies and other pollinators to the area as one way to take action on this problem. The canoe garden will include pollinator plants, native wildflowers, and shrubs that will help increase the sustainability of our local ecosystem.

  • Based on advice from our ecologist, bee habitat for stingless bees will also be added around the park within Legacy 1.0. 

    • Little huts made out of special wood from Norway will be added to create bee habitat for stingless bees. Stingless bees are attracted to this particular smell of wood, and it creates for a safe place to live in the winter for the stingless bee. This is one way we are responding to the very concerning loss of bee populations in Ontario.

  • The development of this area allows us to:
    • Provide homes during a housing crisis,
    • Remove contaminated asphalt away from the lake,​
    • Stop trespassing, misuse and abuse of the land, and
    • Provide greater safety and security to residents through proper walking paths and safety fencing.

Legacy 1.0
Community Hub Proposal

The proposed Community Hub would be located on Block 13.

The Hub will include:

  • An Italian bistro restaurant and bakery that will have both indoor and outdoor dining (rooftop balcony patio). 

  • Several affordable apartment units ranging from 560 - 1,400 sq/ft in studio and loft styles.

  • A Musselman Lake Community Hall for community groups and events.

  • A park space of approximately 2,500 sq/ft.

  • Accessible parking spaces, safe and accessible walking paths to enter the building, with elevators and accessible bathrooms within the building.

3D Images of the Community Hub Proposal

Screen Shot 2023-06-08 at 1.49.47 PM.png
Screen Shot 2023-06-09 at 8.24.33 PM.png

Community Hub Proposal Site Plan

Block 14

Legacy 1.0
Deeded Ones Park

Screen Shot 2023-06-08 at 11.59.12 AM.png
The Deeded Ones Park will be a private park for those who have historically deeded access (the "Deeded Ones"). The Deeded Ones Park will be fenced off for safety and security, and only the Deeded Ones will have access keys to enter. Membership agreements will be created in the near future and the Deeded Ones will be contacted with further details and information for joining. 
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